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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  May 31, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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treasure island will soon fd out for sure if it is safe e there. i absolutely do not believe it's safe. >> people living on treasure island will soon find out for sure if it is safe to be there. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm ann notarangelo. for years, people living on the
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former naval station have been concerned the ground under their feet is radioactive and dangerous. mark kelly reports, a final test to be done this summer doesn't make them feel any more at ease. >> reporter: on the surface, treasure island is paradise but people who call the island home say scratch the surface and it's anything but. do you think it's safe to live on treasure island right now? >> i absolutely unequivocally do not believe it's safe. >> reporter: catherine lundgren lived here a decade and says the side effects from radiation are one reason she moved off the island. >> hair loss, rashes, cancer. >> reporter: the u.s. navy insists radiation levels pose no threat to public health. in fact, the plan is to turn the island over to private developers to build this residential complex over the next 15 years. >> it's going to be one of the premier addresses in san francisco. >> reporter: bob beck with the treasure island development authority explained that before new buildings go up, the island
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must be declared safe from radiation. streets and grass have been tested. but when higher than expected levels of radiation turned up in an abandoned structure on the island last year the navy decided additional testing on homes would be prudent. >> if it's something we need to investigate further, we would potentially relocate the residents permanently or temporarily to other units on the island. >> we believe there's no public health hazard. we want the additional information so that we have the complete history and data on the island. >> this came from one of theirs. >> reporter: lundgren already moved. she would love to live on the island again soon but she doesn't trust officials that her island home is safe. >> saying the people in this room are misleading you and the rest of the island? >> i know they are. they absolutely are. >> reporter: the final round of testing is expected to start in mid-june. and it should take three months. on treasure island, mark kelly, kpix 5.
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>> once the navy completes its final radiation tests, it's expected the island will get turned over to san francisco and eventually private developers. kpix 5's brian webb is in the mission district where some tenants are celebrating a victory against landlords who tried to evict them. >> reporter: at one point the people who lived here were only three months away from eviction under the "ellis act" but they battled back and things are finally looking up today. it was just a little picnic with food and fun for a couple of hours. but they were celebrating something big, the right to stay at home. >> that's it. we're working families with children and we want to live here. >> reporter: this rent controlled building in the mission district came under attack six months ago. a new landlord threatening evictions under the "ellis act." people who had lived here for decades, the elderly, some disabled, many with nowhere else to go. but they weren't about to leave
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quietly. >> together as an organization, as a family we can fight it. >> reporter: and that's what they did. and by shouting out loud, banding together and teaming up with local organizations, they finally struck a deal to save their homes. >> this is the first time in san francisco tenants worked with other organizations, in this case with san francisco ace, and beat the speculators. >> reporter: for this group it was a david versus goliath type battle where, like david, the little guys won. >> the most important thing is we stay in our homes. >> reporter: that's a pretty good reason to throw a party. so the tenants fell short of their first goal to buy the building. but they seem comfortable with the agreement they have now and they want other people to know that they can also fight the "ellis act" and win just like they did. live in san francisco, brian
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webb, kpix 5. >> the "ellis act" allows landlords to evict their tenants if they plan to get out of the rental business. the landlords, that is. it's been frequently used recently to turn rentals into condos and other permanent housing. right now, police and fire and the fbi are still searching an apartment building in san francisco tied to a federal criminal investigation. the search warrant was served this morning, at a building on jackson street. the street is still closed to cars and pedestrians between polk and van ness. a hazmat team is there, too. but the fbi says there is no threat it's just a precaution. investigators are tight-lipped about what it is they are doing there. we are told that no arrests have been made. >> there's no threat to public safety. there are precautionary measures being taken for agents' safety, which is why you see a lot of this equipment. >> when asked whether it was a home or business being searched, the fbi said it's not
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a business. it's a scene many will never forget a crude oil train derailed in canada causing a massive explosion fireball, flattening almost the entire time. 47 people died in the disaster. it's scenes like that pa sparked today's protest in richmond. about 100 people showed up to voice their concerns about the pending shipments of crude oil to the bay area by rail. activists say they are going to dig in and fight to protect their neighborhoods. >> we are saying today if the government don't protect us, the people will. that's what this demonstration is all about today. >> the shipments have been given the okay but the ntsb has called for stricter regulations on crude oil transportation. people pouring on to los angeles beach digging in the sand. what angry birds had to do with it. >> and san francisco achieves another first with a new street name. what it has to do with animal
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california. greg mills reports on the mixture of excitement and tension that followed. the mystery man behind the twitter hunt for cash has moved to southern california. greg mills reports on the mixture of excitement and tension that followed. >> reporter: angry birds made a lot of people happy at hermosa beach. >> 90 bucks. >> 80 bucks. >> reporter: this was the latest location for the hidden cash hunt in los angeles. the man behind the effort said this week, he wanted to pay it forward and hopes others do the same. >> i made $80. a lot of da nair row. >> reporter: it took time, money and work to set up. it will be today's only event. >> he said it will be between like the pier and the volleyball so we are thinking it's somewhere in this area. >> reporter: she and friends came here from englewood. she was one of an estimated 2,200 people who packed the
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beach looking for their small fortune. it's not a lot of money. >> it's not. but this is really fun to get everybody excited and hyped up. >> reporter: there were no problems but cops weren't pleased they had only 30 minutes warning that a huge crowd was headed here. there were some arguments between beach volleyball players and treasure hunters. look at this court. four players enjoying the game and minutes later the same court is overcrowded. >> people are very disrespectful. walking on the court, digging or the court when people are trying to play. it's annoying! >> reporter: many of those who found the birds filled with cash and candy tweeted out their picture along with their appreciation. hidden cash planned to hide 36 angry birds around 2 p.m. he tweeted, anybody know how many birds were found? anyway, if none of them have been found in a while, stop looking and enjoy the beach. hope you had fun. >> everybody has been so happy. everybody is laughing. we needed this so bad. >> before moving to southern california, the anonymous millionaire left money in several san francisco neighborhoods earlier this
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week. 70,000 people follow him on twitter looking for clues to the next cash drop. >> why not? the renaming of a san francisco street is being celebrated as part of a good cause. one block of alabama street is now called rescue row in honor of the four different animal welfare organizations located there. a lot of dogs and cats were also on hand to promote another important reason for the name change . >> we would like people to know that this is the place to come to find unconditional love. we have so many animals in need of homes here. we do 7,000 adoptions a year between the four rescues. >> it's the first time in the u.s. that a real city street has been renamed to promote pet adoption. after nearly five years in captivity the only u.s. soldier held in afghanistan is free. the exchange that led to his release. >> warmer weather coming to the bay area, fog creeping in over
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san francisco. we'll have the forecast coming in after a break.
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teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets.
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germany tonight. sgt. bowe bergdahl the only american prisoner of war in afghanistan is free and heading to a u.s. army hospital in germany tonight. sergeant bowe bergdahl was in the custody of the taliban for five years. it took that long for negotiations to win his release today. the parents of the 28-year-old soldier from haley, idaho, joined president obama at the white house to celebrate their son's return to freedom. >> he wasn't forgotten by his country because the united states of america does not ever
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leave our men and women in uniform behind. >> i'd like to say to bowe right now who is having trouble speaking english -- [ non- english language ] >> i'm your father, bowe. >> bergdahl appears to be in good condition. in exchange for his release, five senior taliban militants were released from guantanomo bay prison. the oakland a's pitched in to create a field of dreams in richmond. they helped renovate the field at a park. the mascot showed up for the grand opening much to the delight of young baseball players. outfielder josh reddick squeezedded in time before his game tonight to pass on tips. he helped lead the youngsters in a clinic. an image on a rusty air- conditioner is considered by one man as a miraculous blessing. a man in mississippi says this is the face of jesus christ. he says he saw the ac unit in a junk dealer's yard and just had
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to have it. he admits not everyone can see it but as a catholic, he says, he is a believer. morphing pictures out of indonesia -- more amazing pictures out of indonesia. the volcano belched three ash plumes today blocking flights in indonesia and australia. australia's deputy prime minister says it could take days for air service to return to normal. all right. we have some clouds in the bay area not nearly of that variety although i was, you know, reminding myself that there are deposits of volcanic eruptions from the distant past that you can actually see in the cliffs above fort funston at the beach down there and it's pretty spectacular sight you might want to google some of that after you listen to the weather forecast. we are starting out with fog and low clouds along the shoreline. and that includes the golden gate bridge. and quite a temperature range,
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too. 80 at concord. 62 oakland. san francisco 60. santa rosa, 75. tonight we'll look at the fog and low clouds to persist at the shore. upper 60s i understand, upper 50s around the bay with mostly clear skies. out the door tomorrow morning, fog and low clouds to start the day with. but to finish with, sunshine will spread back to the shoreline and numbers will actually come up a little bit tomorrow to 83 degrees at walnut creek for the art and wine fest. that will be at heather farm park. it happened today and will be happening tomorrow and it will be warmer tomorrow so that looks good. 58 degrees west winds at 10 west-northwest well, wind waves a foot. low pressure along the shoreline has maintained a strong sea breeze gusty winds. so the coastline is cool but tomorrow high pressure builds a little bit for sunday and temperatures warm up a little bit, as well. here you can see the winds and
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the headlines, we'll look for fog and low clouds near the shore. warmer tomorrow and then cooler on monday. then a warming trend begins on tuesday. so first we warm, then we cool, then we get a persistent warming trend. ah, it all gets very complicated, doesn't it? in the central valley very straightforward. mid-90s from redding all the way down to fresno. lake tahoe in the mid-70s. overnight lows tonight, upper 40s low 50s will do it and fog and low clouds by the shore. for tomorrow, san ramon hits 82 degrees. at livermore 86. 82 pleasanton. and 80 degrees in san jose. right along the coastline though you can see the numbers significantly cooler than inland by about 20 degrees. wine country nice 83 in napa tomorrow, 83 fairfield and 68 degrees in vallejo. up in santa rosa 81 degrees and 77 in san rafael. extended forecast we warm, we cool, then we get up to near 90 degrees again by thursday and
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friday inland. even as bay temperatures warm from the upper 60s on monday all the way up into the upper 70s by friday. so a pretty typical week ahead with the usual "stratus quo." low clouds in the morning, plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. you have to see these pictures. a black bear is feeling very much at home in a daytona beach, florida, neighborhood. >> check out the bear in my neighbor's yard on his hammock. tell me this isn't funny. >> well, the man narrated the bear relaxing in a backyard ham morning. residents have seen the bear many times tearing through trash cans for food. he needed rest after his meal. the hammock is removed so the bear doesn't make it a habit. [ laughter ] >> he doesn't look real in that picture. >> that looks like a bear that you win at the fair. put it on a hammock and take a snap photo. >> that is something else. i would not like to see the real bear in person. the giants had to deal with the rain and the cardinals, no
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bears in st. louis. the local golfer's journey to become a pro. ,,,,,,
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a's host the angels tonight. giants saturday business... the books... "wacha, wacha" baseball leads us off. two hot bay area teams. a's host the angels tonight it. the giants, well, their saturday business is in the books. yeah, michael wacha's house in st. louis. wacha shut down the giants' bats which had been red-hot. tossed six shutout innings, 7 strikeouts. hunter pence in the third. giants struck out former cal bear allen craig to end the 4th.
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petite had five strikeouts in six innings. allowed two hitches. prospect oscar taveras deep away and gone. it is major league debut second major league at bat made it 1- 0. then the game was delayed a couple of times. after the rain, certainly didn't affect johnnie peralta. he doubled in to left. that's going to score another run. 2-0 the final score as the giants four-game win streak is snapped. giants lead in the west by 7 games although they lost today 2-0. tan ford hooshier sam travis turns on it. increases the lead to 3-1. iu wins 4-1. stanford faces youngtown state tomorrow in an elimination game.
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>> unfinished business complete. amador valley softball beat granada today 2-1 to win the divisional one softball crown at 27-0. the pleasanton school is ranked number one in the nation by all right. high school now. tamalpais in white, sectional division three championship against alhambra. ball gets away. it allowed jeffrey to score. three-run 1st inning. and they got a complete game from mac gamboa 7 strikeouts, rafael hit it looking and he got tossed. tamalpais from marin won 3-1 their first sectional title in 85 years. 1992! how about phil mickelson being questioned for an insider trading scandal? third round nice approach shot set up for birdie. he is nine back. the leader is masters champ
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bubba watson, three-under today six birdies. needed all of them. he leads the field by a single shot. here's a local golfer trying to catch a break for herself after having the door of opportunity slammed in her facetime and again. she is not giving up. we last saw kasey chew two years ago the san leandro product on her way to cal state east bay on a golf scholarship with a dream of turning pro in her sights, but the ncaa had other ideas and questioned her academic transcripts when she missed much of her senior year from acquired jaw surgery. -- from required jaw surgery. >> it was horrible. the only reason why i wanted to go to college is to play golf. >> reporter: she lost her scholarship. with no money and no backup plan. pen is isthen it got worse. a series of unfortunate events
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drove her from her east bay home. for a while her house is this two-door car. >> that was bad, like right now my back hurts a little bit but crossfit has really helped me. >> reporter: crossfit stepped in and gave her the will, the training and more importantly the support to carry on. more backing came from lbga golfer natalie goalus. frequent playing partner jerry rice got her practicing on courses she only dreamed of playing. >> there we go. >> reporter: she started winning , won four of six amateur events. a 7th is monday. she has a tournament at stonebrae on monday. working out and not giving up, she increased her drive from 200 to 265. here's the difference between the haves and the have nots.
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there's a girl on the lpga tour christine song can making because she has a backing from a bank as a sponsor. kasey doesn't have that. if she did, who knows. that's it for us at 6:30. see you again at 11. until then, the latest news and weather are always on our website, have a good night. see you later. captions by: caption colorado ,, female narrator: through sunday, it's posturepedic through sunday, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off.
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>> hey, everybody. welcome to "california bountiful." i'm your host tracy sellers. and by now, we have all heard about the farm to fork concept, right? who hasn't heard about farm to fork? one city is trying to take it to a whole new level thanks to local farmers and restaurants like this one. [music] sacramento is the capital city to the largest producing state of agriculture in the station. the region boasts thousands of acres of farmland, hundreds of unique restaurants and dozens of farmers markets. so it's not surprising then that in 2012 sacramento named itself america's farm to fork capital. it's also not surprising that it keeps its title by having farms like watanabe farms. heidi watanabe along with her husband clark, who is a fourth generation farmer, grow a variety of produce on their